Our Equipment

Main Equipment List

  • 10 Caterpillar Dozers (D4 - D8)
  • 9 Caterpillar Excavators
  • 14 Caterpillar Pipelayers (D3 - 561H - D7C)
  • 2 Caterpillar Skidsteer/Loaders (1900LB - 9000LB)
  • 1 Caterpillar Wheel Loader
  • 1 Barber Greene Ditcher
  • 1 6400 John Deere Tractor
  • 1 Gravel Truck
  • 4 Winch Tractors
  • 2 fully operational camps with additional sleepers, wet sleepers, rec units & 2 office trailers

Additional Equipment List

  • Ditcher Attachments: brush rakes, ripper shanks, pile drivers, posthole auger, chuck blades etc.
  • John Deere Tractor Attachments: loader, blade, mower
  • Lowboy's, Highboy's, Jeeps, Boosters & 200BBL Tanker
  • Extensive line-up of Crew Cab's & 1 Ton Pickups, c/w pickers, tools
  • 2 Portable Light Towers
  • 6 Portable Air Compressors
  • 1 Portable Sand Blasting Unit
  • Service Shop & Office


Safety and Quality Control

Safety is Key to our Successes!

KCL is committed to prevention of accidents and injuries. The objective of our health and safety program is to reduce the number of accidents and injuries to an absolute minimum. Our goal is ZERO  accidents and injuries, in our efforts to protect our workers, company, and the environment! The responsibilities of the health and safety program are shared:

  • Management accepts the responsibility for Leadership, for the ongoing effectiveness and improvement of the program, and providing the financial resources required to upgrade the safety program as required.
  • Managers and Supervisors are responsible for developing the proper attitudes towards health and safety in themselves and their staff. They will ensure that all operations are performed with the utmost regard for the health and safety of all personnel involved, including the general public.
  • Workers are responsible for genuine co-operation in all aspects of the health and safety program and practices while performing their duties.
  • All employees must be familiar and comply with the occupation health and safety act and regulations (OHSA) and the Canada Labour Code. The safety information in our safety program does not take precedence over the OHSA and regulations.
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Safety Policies at KCL


  • EQUIPMENT POLICY: committed to using only CSA and Government approved equipment that is in top working order and to follow all manufacturers' specific instructions pre-taining to all equipment.
  • INSPECTION POLICY: maintains a comprehensive safety inspection program of facilities, job sites and equipment. The purpose of our inspection program is to control human and material resources by identifying and correcting unsafe acts, conditions and/or equipment. All employees are required to actively participate in the inspection program, which includes critical pre-use and scheduled inspections.
  • PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE POLICY:  committed to preventing injuries and equipment...
  • ACCIDENT/NEAR-MISS POLICY: reports and investigates our accidents and near-misses in order to educate our employees and prevent similar occurrences from happening in the future. Failure to report Near-Miss and Accidents is considered detrimental to our safety program and is subject to disciplinary action.
  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE POLICY: zero tolerance policy for substance abuse. Substance abuse hinders and employee's ability to maintain continual safety alertness. No employee is allowed to work while under the influence of prescription drugs, alcohol or drugs. Any employee we feel is under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be taken back to the office and dealt with according to our disciplinary rules.